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Since 2005, we have been maintaining the Otokar spare parts main dealership with our 100% satisfied customer range.

Quality Spare Parts

We always keep the quality at the highest level by undertaking the dealership of many well-known brands such as Otokar and Kolbenschmidt.

Spare Part Variety

We offer a variety of brand-based spare parts for Heavy Vehicles and industrial engines.

Maye Motor Vehicles

Our company was established in 2003 under the title Maye otomotiv located on 120 m2. We are known as Maye Motorlu Araçlar since 2005. Since then, our growth was built on the strategy to be different. Now, we become a world wide well known company spreads on 1800 m2. We signed many proffitional contracts with big partners like OTOKAR, KOLBENSCHMIDT and BEINEI. By doing that, we accomblished the real means for clients' trust which is based on high quality products attached with high level of service capability. As a result, we gained a solid reputation in our markets which enabled us to grow steadily. We believe that our progress will continue to reach the peak.
Based on our deep experience, we believe that success is never obtained by singular efforts, however, it is the fruit of group work and the sole of being a team. To acheive that, we built a team of dynamic young men who have an aspect and focus on specific goals to be acheived in sequence and precise by using the latest mandate technologies in our field. Having such staff combined with huge stock covering variety of Genuine spare parts and the force of being the sole distributors of OTOKAR with its 50,000 Construction Equipment and Cummins parts. These all factors created a big chance for us to become the leader suppliers of parts in our market. We will be ready and glad to share all our clients with our quality and endless services.


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